I’m humbled and grateful for the support I’ve received from the following individuals and groups who share our vision for positive change. You inspire me every day to work harder for our community. Your trust in me means the world, and I hope their public vote of support offer you insight into our shared journey ahead.

Dr. Meiran and I met years ago at Beth Israel in Portland. She was running for office and waiting for her kids, I was running a little cafe during Hebrew school and waiting for my kids. But I really go to know Sharon during the pandemic - we were in crisis and I was calling every leader I could to meet with me. No matter what was happening outside, Sharon would show up, and listen to what was happening and try to find creative ways to help. She is a practicing medical doctor, and ALSO a licensed attorney, and has been an outspoken advocate for meaningful change in how we approach our problems at the County. And Sharon is who first reached out when the District 2 seat opened and asked what I thought about running. She answered all of my questions, and has been a constant support, and I am so proud to share that she has endorsed me for @multnomahcounty Commissioner District 2.

- Jessie


Multnomah County Commissioner

Dr Sharon Meieran
Back in December of 2020 I wrote a brokenhearted social media post sharing how dire things had become for small businesses like mine - businesses that relied on tourism and in person interactions - and how we had lost 98% of our business and were drowning. I shared how one hopes that elected leaders would hear those pleas for help, and even if there was nothing they could do, like a parent, they would sit with you, communicate their care and concern and do everything they could to help. The one thing they would not do is ignore you… and my grief had come from having written so many letters desperate for help and not hearing back from anyone. I tagged every elected leader I could think of. The next day I received a phone call - it was Commissioner Dan Ryan. He shared that one of his staff shared this post with him, and it was so heartfelt, he wanted to know the person who wrote it. We had such a sweet and caring conversation, and we have continued to have such a relationship ever since. When I decided to run, Dan gave me a call to confirm it was true, and then amazingly said he would offer his endorsement. I have loved getting to work with Commissioner Ryan these last few years, and I hope we have the opportunity to get a lot more work done together.

- Jessie










Owner, Old Town Pizza/Old Town Brewing

Adam Milne

Owner, Mimi's Fresh Tees

Kamelah Adams

Mr Theotis Cason, owner of Cason's Fine Meats, used to be located in the Kenton Business District. We became fast friends when his son, T, would come to Posie's Cafe every day for a peanut butter cookie. Eventually I just started walking the cookies down the block and would visit for a while. Mr Cason and I have the same birthday, November 5th, and we always call each other on our birthday to catch up. After seven years in Kenton, Mr Cason needed to do some repairs. I got him a PIP grant from Prosper Portland, and all we needed was for his landlord to abate his rent for one month while we did the repairs on the building. He refused. I tried calling him and talking him through it but he told me, “Jessie, it’s just not who I am.” I said, “It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf!” While Mr Cason was willing to pay, I had just been hired by Prosper Portland to broker a new project (I have a real estate license hanging with @dwellrealty), the project assignment being to recruit Black owned business with a lot of experience and the types of businesses that create foot traffic for a new retail project. I told Mr Cason he should apply - it would be a brand new building on the corner or NE MLK and Alberta that he good build out as he saw fit. Ultimately I represented the tenants and Prosper Portland, and while the process was very difficult and took two years instead of 6 months, we did it and Mr Cason and his wife, Mrs Gloria Cason, became anchors on one of the busiest traffic corridors in Portland. Mr Cason is a legend in our community, and a dear friend to me. He called me a few weeks ago and I told him I had decided to run… his response: “Let’s go then. What do we need to do?” I asked if he would be willing to endorse me and share with everyone about my campaign, to which I received an enthusiastic yes! Not only are Mr and Mrs Cason supporting me with their endorsement, they each just contributed the maximum donation to my campaign, pushing me past the $25,000 mark in my first month!!! To my birthday buddy and dear friends, thank you 🤍☺️ #legend #goat

- Jessie




Owner, Boly:Welch

Pat Welch

Owner, Revant Optics

Jason Bolt

Owner, Party Animal

Connie Wohn
Lisa Schroeder of Mother's Bistro moved her restaurant location to the ground floor of the Embassy Suites not so long ago. That put her just about four blocks from our hotel, the @societyhotel. These last three years when things got really hard, Lisa and I found ourselves sitting at about of the same tables, and a lot of the same meetings. Business ownership makes you blunt, and maybe makes you swear a little more frequently, and oftentimes she and I would be the only women in the room being blunt and swearing along with all the guys. Most recently she and I found ourselves on the Governors Task Force together, as the only two small businesses represented on the main task force, both of us very outspoken about the reality on the ground. She’s had to fight to stay alive as so many of us have, and I’m so proud that she said she would gladly endorse me for my campaign for Multnomah County District 2.

- Jessie


Owner, Mother's Bistro

Lisa Schroeder

Creative Homies

Adewale Agboola

Creative Homies

Cyrus Coleman

Executive Director, Love is Stronger

Lionel Irving

Federal Judge and President of NWNW

Vadim Mozrysky





Organizational Endorsement

Future Portland

Organizational Endorsement

Portland Firefighters Union

Organizational Endorsement

Portland Police Association

Organizational Endorsement

Multnomah County Deputy Sheriffs Association